This story is about my 36 year old Aunty who has suffered from crones disease. Sh suffered mentally and physically. She was very depressed and wouldn't stay at home alone and had red patches all over her body. She claimed that she was seeing black images in and around her house. She was trying for a baby and kept failing. The hospital consultants and nurses etc said that she would be unable to conceive a child due to her condition. It was virtually impossible for bore a child. She fell pregnant but then kept having miscarriages. This depressed her further, her mental state worsened. This visions kept telling her that she would never get a child. One day  someone told us about Hazrat Pir Banaras Sahib. We went to visit him and straight away he said our problems with the will of Allah tala will be solved In'Sha'Allah. Hazrat Sahib gave us some taweez to drink and burn around the house, in return for a donation towards the masjid and other projects. This helped, then shortly after my Aunty fell pregnant, throughout the pregnancy Hazrat sahib gave treatment for her and Alhamdulilah now she has a boy and Girl, and is expecting another child Alhamdulilah. Her crones disease is almost gone. The doctors are baffled to how she's got kids and her conditions is better. She feels better within her self now Ma'Sha'Allah, she stays alone etc with no problems.
Allah bless Hazrat Pir Banaras Sahib with a long life, we appreciate what they have (with the will of Allah tala)done.

Kye Lemathy -NEW Muslim Name MOHAMMED HALEEM

Kye Lemathy -NEW Muslim Name MOHAMMED HALEEM

"i saw a gentleman in my local shop, this person kept looking at. After a few moments this person approached me and said I've seen many people but you look very different. He asked me why I dress in this dress in this way I.e. My Jubbah. I asked him what religion he follows and he said that he was a practising Christian and now looking for a new path in life to find peace. I started to talk to him about Islam. That the very greeting we use is Aslaam'Alaykum meaning peace. I said to him to submit himself to Allah and follow our beautiful prophet SalahualyhiWaslam. Within having a 15minute conversation I was able to convince him about Islam. As I was leaving him I thought maybe he won't accept Islam. I asked him would you like heaven or hell? He said heaven. I said come to Islam and repeat after me....Alhamdulilah by the grace of my almighty Lord this person accepted Islam. I kept his name as Mohammed Haleem"