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We are non-profit chairty, running simply of donations...


Those who help build a house of Allah Almighty in this life, Allah Almighty will build a house for them in the hereafter - Paradise ( Insh'Allah)

Thank you to everyone for donating generously, we have successfully established a masjid in the United Kingdom & Pakistan. However our project is not over.....

We are asking for some funding, which will mainly help to:

  • Provide water Facilites: water wells & pumps
  • Provide Islamic educational resources for children and adults alike
  • Pay towards the salary for the Imam in Paskistan 
  • Pay towards the electricity bills and many other needs and causes

Please be generous and sympathetic to our brothers and sisters in need in Pakistan and other parts of the world.  InshAllah with the help of Allah SWT we can unite as an nation to give charity for the pleasure of Allah Almighty.