Muraqabah. went in to a state of Muraqabah. In this state I started crying ....

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

I went in to a state of Muraqabah. In this state I started crying and I want to kill my Nafs. Moments later I see my prayer mat  travelling towards my blessed master Salahualyhi'Wasalam in Madinah Shareef. I see my master salahualyhiwaslama and his noble companions. Hazrat Ali RA gave me a sword and flag. The flag said Deen Islaam. Then Hazrat Ali cast their blessed hand over my eyes. I closed my eyes and they said now you will have eyes like a lion. Then my master Salahualyhi'Wasalam gave me a stick which has got powers to heal people, then my master gave me a dark Green coloured garment and a turban which had wrote on it Sayeedi Ya Rasool'Allah. My Master Salahualyhi'Wasalam smiles and said you a King of Of Saints "Sultan Ul Awliyah". I asked my master  Salahualyhi'Wasalam what will happen when I taste death, what will be the fate of my Mureeds, should they take bayah again. My master Salahualyhi'Wasalam said
" Your Bayah is through the holy Quran and me and this will never break. You may continue to help your Mureeds after tasting death and your Fiaz will become prevelant"  the holy Companions Radi'allah Anhuma requested duas tonne made me and Mureeda of this silsila. Dua was made I was bless once again to meet my master   Salahualyhi'Wasalam and holy companions Radi'allah Anhuma. I see myself back on the mussalla at home.
Allah Kareem benefit the whole Ummah from this. Allah give everyone Muslim intercession from my master Salahualyhi'Wasalam. Ameen

In the hadith of Jibreel, when he asked the Prophet (s) about ihsan (goodness and excellence), the Prophet (s) replied, "Ihsan is to worship Allah as if you see Him, but since we do not see Him we should know that He sees us at all times." (Bukhari and Muslim) The meaning of this hadith is the definition of muraqabah. Namely, the endurance of the servant's knowledge and his conviction and certainty that Allah is watching over his internal and external affairs. To have this knowledge and certainty at all times is called muraqabah. It is the fruit of the servant's knowledge that Allah is his Watcher, Over-seeing him, Hearing his utterances, and Observing all of his deeds at all times.
Ibrahim Al-Khawass said:
Muraqabah is the sincerity of both the internal and external to Allah.
It has been said that"
The best that man may cling to on this road to Allah is muhasabah(reckoning of the self), muraqabah, and governing his conduct with knowledge.