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As Salaam-O-alaikum wa Rehmatullahe wa Barakaatahu;

All Praise is due to Allah Almighty, The Creator of the Heavens, Earth & all that is in between.

www.medinaghosia.com is a registered, non- profit, Islamic charity established in 2001, Providing charity to the less needy, spiritual enlightenment & Spiritual Healing.

We are funding many projects such as providing water access - pumps and wells, funding marriages for thos ewho are unable to get married, providing a point of access for people who are in need in teh United Kingdom & Pakistan, whilst looking to expand our base. 

We have tried to reach those that are losing hope, aiding those who are in distress in any way or form.  We are attempting to help all those who are in need, regardless of Religion. We have premises on rent that has been converted into a Masjid (mosque) in the UK, allowing in-person visits, prayer etc which is run by donations. We are dependent on donations, which is used to run and administrate our cause and services.

We host this website so people all over the world are able to contribute to our charity and carry and humanitairian services forward. We are trying to tackle the problems of the modern era using spirituality. Therefore we are also striving to make a change in the ideology of induviduals that are afflicted with modern, social, economical, and emotioanl problems.

This site also provides the platform for induviduals to learn & become aware of mystical rules & the unseen. We try to connect those without a spiritual guide with a spiritual guide to show them the sacred, undisclosed path, & to provide assistance to those in spiritual need regarding the realm of (unseen) Jinn. We use authenticated, Islamic methods to rid people of their problems, we take on board their problems and solve them together, whether it is related to the unseen or just aches and pains, we light up the sky with hope and remove the darkness with the help of Our Lord- Allah, the Creator of the heavens and Earth & the Beloved Messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him.

www.medinaghosia.com is administrated by the Mureeds – followers / Students of Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. We are trying to make www.medinaghosia.com the hub of mystical information, and place to gain bliss through healing, spiritual aid, meditation, mystical information and practices which lead one towards being near to Allah therefore gaining a pleasure out of this temporary life for those who are unable to visit us in person or find it difficult. 

None of these services would have been possible without the Saint, which has helped over 14,000 people around the world, solving each and one of their problems whether it is medical, physical, mental, and spiritual or a entire mix of them all. We urge everyone to read his Biography which is also present on this site, in order to grasp the beautiful character of this Saint, Awliyah-Allah – Friend of Allah SWT.


We have also taken opportunity provide free interesting, educational material on our website such as the Basics of Islam & Sufism, Special factors of the Owaisi link, How to gain a Living heart (which is in constant remembrance of Allah – God), How to gain Muraqaba (visions / out of body experiences), The Biography of Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, How to identify Awliyah-Allah (friends of Allah – Saints) and much, much more articles which will improve our understanding!

Our biggest audience has been over the internet which has increased our success rate. The internet exposure & word of mouth have gained us 14,000 followers who have been cured, healed & helped through our Spiritual Services. They have pledge allegiance to the Owaisi Link, contributed to our cause / mission by donating sums of money out of free will that has enabled us to provide facilities to our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom & Pakistan. We are now trying to expand our audience further around the Globe to allow people to benefit from our guaranteed services and expand our charitable cause with the aid of donations. 

What we do:

Currently Silsilaowaisi:

  • Provides Spiritual Healing – Treating conditions such as cancer, infertility, smoking, drug abuse, Insomnia and more.
  • Removes Black Magic, Demonic Possession, Spirits, Haunted homes & more.
  • Provides information and guidance on Qalbi-Zikr (a form of remember of Allah – God, within our hearts which has many benefits).
  • Provides information and guidance on Muraqaba (Sufi Meditation, Acquiring visions & going into the spiritual realm)
  • Provides Istikhara (guidance from Allah SWT regarding any major decisions within life or general enquiries)

Our Charity has, thus far, used donations to:

  • Build and provide an educational Centre ( a Masjid – Mosque)
  • Provide educational facilities for free to the less needy.
  • Provide water wells and pumps for the less needy in Pakistan

We actively help educate people & provide solutions to their problems using the light of Islam in the U.K and throughout where our services are needed. Our internet audience is from various countries such as India, Malaysia, Kenya, Kosovo, Cyprus with many more on the list which is –Alhamdulillah – always growing.

In the UK we are currently running a Masjid purely off donations, providing congregational prayers, educational services to both adults and children. We also have a weekly Zikr of the Owaisi tareeqa to which people come to increase in their spirituality, eat the food which has been blessed with recitation of the Holy Qur’an and the recital of Naats – Islamic poetry. This is the location where we are allowing anyone and everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to come visit the Shaykh whether they seek spiritual healing, Istikhara services, Spiritual aid regarding the unseen, seeking the spiritual path, wanting to understand Sufi’s for free. Silsilaowaisi has made over 14,000 mureeds of the Shaykh through these services, who generously donate for the masjid and our cause.

We provide Istikhara, spiritual healing, Muraqaba Guidance. We also specialise is exorcism, removal of bad spirits, relieving unidentified symptoms (Symptoms which doctors may be unable to explain – the reason, root cause or solution) any type of spiritual (sufi) guidance via phone contact, internet and in person. Silsilaowaisi does not charge but we do request individuals (online & in person) out of free will, to provide a sum of money towards the less needy brothers and sisters and to help provide food, water pumps, and structure of a Masjid – a House of Allah, a place of education & spiritual elevation.


If the conditions become bad in Pipli, Dadyal, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, through excessive rain, it becomes a remote location. We therefore sought it to be important to help plan for a brighter future for the less needy brothers and sisters across the world although our priority is to first finish our current project and provide a brothers and sisters a steady living environment which will help mould the next generation of Muslims in that area through education, water facilities, a Masjid for prayer and other expenses which may arise (InshAllah).

So far in Dadyal, Pakistan, we have provided a House of Allah - A masjid, water pumps that makes water accessible to a community to use whether it be for drinking or making ablution, Educational service, The Holy Qur'an, Islamic books and may other resources. We have also provided an Imam, who leads congregational prayers, is actively teaching children the memorisation of the Holy Qur'an with the potential of adult students also. Furthermore, we also have provided lighting, microphones and speakers. Our main mission statement is to provide charity to the less needy. We believe in education making a difference in every aspect of life..

But we have to also acknowledge that The Holy Quran & Sunnah contains cure for all ailments, physical and spiritual therefore this is our source of healing.

We promote the special qualities of the Owaisi Silsila such as the direct link to The Beloved, Muhammad SAW which has its benefits such as Spiritual elevation which result in Muraqaba / Visions – spiritual experiences that many take years of devotional time in other Tareeqa’s.

The ability to help using spiritual healing, provide dream interpretations and Istikhara (guidance form Allah SWT) & all types of spiritual related aid for free.

Silsilaowaisi is run by the mureeds of Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, who specialises in many spiritual healing practices, spiritual elevation techniques & provides assistance to the less needy hence the creation of a new site was almost ideal.

Our Spiritual healing techniques are derived from The Holy Qur’anic Verses from which we provide a Wazaif (Praying material) & Islamic Talismans to wear / burn in order for protection and security of oneself and one’s home.

With the Help of Allah SWT and positive energy distributed by the Beloved SAW, we try and 99% of the time we are able to heal aches, pains, diseases (such as cancer), persistent illnesses, infertility, and many other long-term problems. The procedure to which we heal is using energy, this energy when channelled correctly is able to heal.

We try and remove bad spirits whether it’s a case of haunted houses, possession or hearing bangs, screams & scratches. We deal with abnormal activity through our Sheikh, Sheikh Banaras Owaisi - a Wali-Allah – A Friend of Allah: No grief befalls them nor do they fear. Subhan-Allah.

A hadith of the Beloved SAW states 'Even a smile is charity'. Therefore what we define as charity can be a lot more than monetary / materialistic charity although we do also provide it alongside other types of charity such as educational services and water facilitation. Silsilaowaisi is providing long term charity with funding recieved that improves living conditions and allows people to gain access to Islamic education. This in turn, makes people smile and joyful as that is true success. 

Note: www.medinaghosia.com & its services are just to help the needy. Please do understand that if you are seeking a Spiritual Healing treatment for something medically related then we urge and advise you not give up regular visits to your doctor before, during and after your treatment in order to monitor any progress in your health or circumstances. Your doctor should always remain in control of you medical examination and treatment. This will therefore cover the general safety  and also protect ourselves from Legal aspects.  We would also require consent signature / declaration for a patient under 18, by their parents / guardian for them to understand that their child is to undergo spiritual treatment.

 Please read the Terms & Conditions of www.medinaghosia.com.