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بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم



1. The services of this website are based on absolutely welfare of the mankind either sex or race universally.

2. The services and articles of this website are for the purpose of cure and solution of the spiritual illness, healing and for the peace of mind.

3. This website has no concern with any party, community or any political, religious and Islamic organization.

4. This website is exclusively based on spiritual knowledge and Islamic healing method for the welfare of the entire community internationally.

5. The articles in this website are not copied from any political or religious thinker and same are not be used in favor /against of any person, party, or organization.

6. All articles are published after single person’s great effort, search and several years’ experiences.

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All have been prepared and published with great care and effort however omission and errors are regretted.

8. This website neither support nor oppose to any specific person, any political party or religious organization.

9. No one is allowed to scandalize, defame or blackmail to any person through this website or material of this website.

10. All solutions of the problem and queries are sent to the visitors and members as per informations provided by them/her/him. Therefore, owner of the website has no responsibility if any visitor provide any wrong information about him/her and suffer any kind of loss due to her/his act.

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14. If any legal dispute arises, only United Kingdom courts have jurisdiction over it.

15. If any person, party or organization misuse the services or website material or misbehave with the owner of the website in any manner whatsoever nature, legal action will be initiated against him/her under Pakistan Panel code 1860, Copyright Act 1962, Defamation Ordinance 2002 and under Prevention of Electronic Crime Ordinance 2007.