Student Induction

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Shaykh: Hazrat Banaras Hussain Owaisi Learn more
Silsilah: Rabbani, Owaisi, Siddiqi, Qalandari, Ghausiya
Spiritual Lineage (Shijra Sharif): English: Click here
Khatam Sharif: Click Here
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Guidance Notes:

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It is in the best interests of all Mureeds to exercise the following seven duties with full care and attention to details:

1. Complete the "Basic Essentials" question paper. 
2.. Offer 5 times daily Salaat with correct observation of all essentials. 
3. Lead a Sunnah way of life as described in our Holy Sunnah
4. Read khatam sharif & Meditate twice daily (After Fajar & Isha)
5. Engage your heart in Qalbi Zikr throughout the day
7. Often remain in righteous companionship

Prohibitions Include:

1. Committing major sins
2. Indulging in minor sins 
3. Use of intoxicants such as tobacco / drugs / alcohol 
4. Dwelling in Sinful / evil companionship 
5. Earning, eating or wearing haram