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As Salaam ‘O’ Alaikum WA Rahmatuallahi WA Barakatu

We are in the process of developing Medina Ghosia Education Centre and Mosque which is so much needed service that could provide to our local community in Pakistan Kashmir. We invite all Muslims to participate fully in this project to obtain the benefits and rewards of doing this and leaving a legacy behind for the future generations to come.

It is very difficult to imagine the great rewards one attains by actively participating in projects like this. Who wants to be left out of this great reward of doing whatever we can, in bringing about the success of this centre. Wouldn’t you like to HELP to set up the venue where such great works takes place; you will alsoHELP to open the doors to those who would like to learn about our lovely Deen and give great benefits to you and the community which we live in?

Allah (swt) says,” The best of you is the one who learns the Holy Quran and then teaches the Holy Quran to others “.

Hazrat Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) has said,” Acquiring knowledge is a necessity for every Muslim, “and “Those who go out to learn for the sake of teaching others, they have gained the great reward and ajar of 70 siddiqeen (pious people) “. Our Blessed Prophet (p.b.u.h) has also said, “Anyone who spends even one dirham (one pound) on an Alim or an Islamic Scholar, that person will get reward and ajar of spending gold the size of Ahad Mountains.”

Inshallah, YOU will say “Yes” to this invitation, to HELP build this project up of having Medina Ghosia Education Centre and Mosque which will HELP our children, brothers, sisters and reverts who would like to learn the Holy Quran but who are unable to do so due to lack of suitable facilities in the locality. Please SENDall your DONATIONS, including ZAKATSADAQAFITRANA.




 Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim

Medina Ghosia Masjid in Tanzania, Mohsi

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Images showing a branch of Medina Ghosia Masjid in Tanzania, Mohsi

Chairman Mohammed Mahboob and Khalifah Adil Sadiq are involved in the running of this centre.
Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi Sahib visited earlier in October and donated Fans and Carpets.

Alhamdulilah quranic and English education, this centre has many students.

We appeal to all Muslims to help and donate towards this noble cause.
Please SENDall your DONATIONS, including ZAKAT, SADAQA, FITRANA.

Pay by Cash at the mosque reception

Cheque Payable to:
Medina Ghosia Education Centre

Fill in this form(available on website, then hand it in at the Mosque reception,
or post it to Unit 8, Camelot Way, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0ND

Direct to our bank - HSBC Bank PLC
Account: Medina Ghosia Education Centre
Sort Code: 40-11-07
Account No: 31567136
H.S.B.C: Bank /Account No: GB92MIDL40110731567136 / Swift Code: MIDLGB2119D (International Only)