Written by Super User.

"Safe guarding your Energy"

It is Your Grounding Mechanism.

Take from Heavens and send Negative to the Earth.

Two feet and One cane like modern day electrical prong. This was the way of all Divine Messengers. "Grounding"

By Now we are seeing that The Divine Presence sent messengers to teach scriptures, laws, morals but most of all how to reach perfection to return to the Angelic state in which we where created.

"You are undoubtedly familiar with electrical grounding energy and its properties, through your experience with sunshine. It is a warming, expansive kind of energy, which can make you feel open, contented, and encompassed or held.

On the other hand, too much electrical energy coming in can make you feel lightheaded, disoriented, burned out ("fried"), or jumpy and irritable. Too much (or not enough) heavenly energy may make you crave sugar. Too much (or not enough) earth energy may announce itself through cravings for salt

"Your body is a transformer of energy"

You bring in electrical energy from the cosmos

You bring in magnetic energy from the earth, and your body mixes and uses these two energies, generally within the areas of the Naval, Button and Heart.

The lower part of the body is the entryway for a lot of the magnetic energy. That is what you might consider to be "earth grounding" energy.

And the top of your head and back of the neck is the usual doorway for the electrical or "sky grounding" energy.

"In you earth and Heavens meet and mingle. It is your nature to blend these two as fuel for your life here on the planet".That is why you have Physicality that Requires Earthly Energy. You also have a Soul that requires Heavenly Energy.

"Earth energy is also something we are sure you know well. It is heavy and solid. It is slow, stately and reassuring. If you lie on the ground for a while, feeling the solidity of earth, the support of the ground beneath you, the heaviness of being a physical creature, that is magnetic energy"

Too much of it can make you feel confused, lazy, logy, or sleepy.

Heavenly Emanation Raining, down upon you.