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The spiritual healer also has advanced diagnostic modalities one of the most important of which is HSP, High Sense Perception.

• HSP is a way of perceiving things beyond the normal range of the five senses.
• With it one can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch things that cannot normally be perceived.

HSP, sometimes referred to as clairvoyance, is not imagination but is a type of seeing in which you perceive a picture in your mind without the use of your normal vision. HSP reveals the dynamic world of the fluid, interacting spiritual energy fields which surround and permeate all living things. This energy supports us, nourishes us, and gives us life. We sense each other with this energy as we are a part of it and it is a part of us.
With HSP, the path physiology of pain and disease processes lies right before one's eyes.

HSP reveals how most diseases are initiated in the energy field.
• Distortions in the energy field caused by time and unhealthy living habits are transmitted to the body, becoming a serious illness.
• Many times the source or initiating cause of this process is associated with psychological and/or physical trauma.

Since HSP reveals how a disease is initiated, it also reveals how to reverse the disease process. Spiritual energies and auras aid healers in formulating their diagnosis.

To develop HSP it is necessary to enter into an expanded state of consciousness. There are many means to achieve this but spiritual meditation is fast becoming the most well known.