Tai`al Makan

Written by Super User.

The reality of shrinking distance is within the human heart.

For one who has reached this level, they only need to say "bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem" and can be at any location on earth within an instant.
How do they do that? Now you move with your physical body. The body is restricted with the laws of physics of the world, gravity, etc.
When you move, you move with that ability. You use a vehicle, such as a car, which has physical power to carry you.

To go faster you use an airplane. It has a more powerful engine that carries you. So why we are not stunned, when we can fly a distance that, for example, a century ago it took three years to reach, say from China to Mecca? If at that time you said,
"Something will one day carry you in the air," people would have laughed at you. So awliya-ullah found a more powerful energy that can carry you: the energy of the spirit.
The car and the plane use fuel from deep within the earth. It was secluded by itself and it became energy, whereas it had previously been something else, and Allah knows what. Spirit is related to heaven. So Allah knows what kind of energy that contains.

When Awliya want to move, they take the body and put it in the spirit and then move with the speed of the spirit. Then when they arrive, they take the body out of the spirit and the spirit enters the body. Why can we accept that with an airplane, but not with the body and spirit? That requires a foundation of belief in the unseen. Awliya use that same power to shrink distances.

Energy can carry anything. To lift a two-ton block of iron, you bring a crane, and with a small engine it can lift it. Why do we look at that power of the spirit as non-functional? You can make use of it, by using the power developed by saints.