Uwaysi Chain

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In sufi terminology, the Golden Chain represents one's spiritual genealogy from one's Sheikh to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam). 

This is also known as a "Silsila", which literally means "Chain" in Urdu. 

One enters into a Silsila when one takes Bai'at (Pledge of allegiance) upon the hands of a Sheikh whose spiritual genealogy links him to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaihi wasallam), and is a recipient of Spiritual Faiz. 

Shaykh Banaras Owaisi first took spiritual bayt with Prophet Muhammad Pbuh, Prophet Adam A.S to Prophet Isa A.S. Then they took spiritual bayt with Hazrat Khidr A.S then the 4 Caliphs, Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A. In this form of spiritual transmission, the spirits meet in the world called alam al-arwah (the world of spirits) which is beyond alam al-ajsam (the material plane).The spiritual connection is as powerful and effective as the physical connection.

The sign of the Favor of Allah Almighty and Exalted on his servant is to authorize one of His Prophets or Saints to uplift that servant to the Divine Presence. That is why many saints who came in previous times were guides for those who came after through this spiritual (Owaisi) connection. It is known that many saints have been under the guidance and training of prophets and other saints that lifted them up.

The following represents our Owaisi Chain and like all Chains, it begins with our Holy Prophet (saw)

1. Hadhrat Muhammad-ur-Rasul Ullah, ( Sall-Allah-o-Alaihe-Wa Sallem ).
2. Prophet Adam ( Alaihis Salaam ).
3. Prophet Idris ( Alaihis Salaam ).
4. Prophet Nuh ( Alaihis Salaam ).
5. Prophet Hud ( Alaihis Salaam ).
6. Prophet Saleh ( Alaihis Salaam ).
7. Prophet Ibrahim ( Alaihis Salaam ).
8. Prophet Ismail ( Alaihis Salaam ).
9. Prophet Ishaq ( Alaihis Salaam ).
10. Prophet Lut ( Alaihis Salaam ).
11. Prophet Ya'qub ( Alaihis Salaam ).
12. Prophet Yusuf ( Alaihis Salaam ).
13. Prophet Shuhaib ( Alaihis Salaam ).
14. Prophet Ayyub ( Alaihis Salaam ).
15. Prophet Musa ( Alaihis Salaam ).
16. Prophet Harun ( Alaihis Salaam ).
17. Prophet Dhu'l-kifl ( Alaihis Salaam ).
18. Prophet Dawud ( Alaihis Salaam ).
19. Prophet Sulaiman ( Alaihis Salaam ).
20. Prophet Illas ( Alaihis Salaam ).
21. Prophet Al Yasa ( Alaihis Salaam ).
22. Prophet Yunus ( Alaihis Salaam ).
23. Prophet Zakariiya ( Alaihis Salaam ).
24. Prophet Yahya ( Alaihis Salaam ).
25. Prophet Isa ( Alaihis Salaam ).
26. Hadhrat Khidr ( Alaihis Salaam ).
27. Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique ( Radhi Allah Unhu ).
28. Hadhrat Omar Farooq ( Radhi Allah Unhu ).
29. Hadhrat Usman Ghani ( Radhi Allah Unhu ).
30. Hadhrat Ali Murtadha ( Radhi Allah Unhu ).
31. Hadhrat Abdul Qadir Jilani ( Radhi Allah Unhu ).
32. Hadhrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi

Please remember it by Heart and recite it in the concluding prayer after your daily zikr assembly, by prefixing the words " Illahi Bahurmat-e-" to every name upto 31. For serial 32 say these words " Illahi Bahurmat-e-Khatem-e-Khawajan Khatma-e-man-wa Hadhrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi.