Sunil Toora @ Springfield, Wolverhampton (41)                


This is my story of eczema on my body due to smoking. I have been smoking for a long time and now my life and my family's lives are very stressful, painful, expensive and inconvenient for everyone.I have to drive over 100 miles a day to go to radiation treatments five days a week, with weekends and holidays off. I have to be driven by someone who loses that many hours a day of their life/work time because I am too ill and tired to drive myself.


I met Shaykh Banaras Owaisi through a friend. Shaykh Banaras Owaisi told me to give up smoking and I will recover, to which of my surprise I did give up smoking and I am now slowly recovering from the eczema and I feel better within myself. Everyone should try Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, he is one in a million, and I don’t know what I would have done without Shaykh Banaras Owaisi.

Sunil Toora @ Springfield, Wolverhampton (41)


My name is Munir Ahmed and i live in Tipton. I promised not to smoke from today.

Munir Ahmed @ Tipton


Fabassam Farid @ Birmingham (30)                 


Emphysema Shortness of Breath :  


I have given up smoking from today. A trip to my doctor confirmed my worst suspicion. I had emphysema. Without being told, I knew I had to stop smoking.

Now began the endless cycle of stopping and starting smoking. I tried almost every quit smoking aid on the market. I would stop for a few days, and then start bumming the occasional puff from my husband. Of course this would lead me to buying my own cigarettes and trying to limit myself to so many per day. Then, before I knew it, I would be back up to my pack or more daily. My breathing got harder and harder until I couldn't walk across my yard without my heart pounding and my lungs gasping for breath. Doing chores that involved bending or carrying items were very hard.

I met Babaji through a friend. I can say Babaji has given me support and help to get rid of this habit. I am so thankful that without Babaji, I don’t know what I would have done.

Fabassam Farid @ Birmingham (30)

) 01/07/2006

This is my story of eczema on my body due to smoking. I have been smoking for a long time and now my life and my family's lives are very stressful, painful, expensive and inconvenient for everyone. I have to drive over 100 miles a day to go to radiation treatments five days a week, with weekends and holidays off. I have to be driven by someone who loses that many hours a day of their life/work time because I am too ill and tired to drive myself. I met Shaykh Banaras Owaisi through a friend. Shaykh Banaras Owaisi told me to give up smoking and I will recover, to which of my surprise I did give up smoking and I am now slowly recovering from the eczema and I feel better within myself. Everyone should try Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, he is one in a million, and I don't know what I would have done without Shaykh Banaras Owaisi.

Sunil Toora @ Springfield, Wolverhampton (41)


My name is Abdul Ghafoor Ali and im from Birmingham, Small Heath. I had read a story of a white man and promised not to smoke again and threw all my cigs in the bin.

Abdul Ghafoor Ali @ Birmingham - Small Heath


My names Mohammed Omar from Birmingham Alum Rock,  i used to see jinnats shadow and used to smoke and take drugs. I promised Peer Saab not to smoke or take any kind of drugs again.

Mohammed Omar @ Birmingham, Alum Rock.


I come from a family which has been cursed from generations before my self and my siblings. Over numerous years I had found that my pain and my luck were irregular up until the time where I was married. I then realized the specific details and my personal life was slowly turning upside down whereas I would feel pains in various parts of my body, and in my life.

Whilst I was carrying my children I felt there were certain restrictions that were holding me back from giving my children and my family what I wanted in order to make everyone happy. This escalated when I finally had a nervous breakdown. I found myself running away, taking the children with me which was unfair.

I sought help from spiritualists but wherever I went the demand was too high and I felt my position was being abused. This was translated not in money but in terms of what other spiritualists wanted in return. My family spiritualist demanded too much of me in order to cure the problems which resided with me and the nature of the demands were aggressive and abusive as I felt threatened. I immediately withdrew from seeing this person. This led me not to trust anybody from that point onwards.

A friend of mine who is an Indian told me about this man  Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. For a matter of weeks my friend was telling me to come with her. After some persuasion I eventually brought myself round to the idea of going to see  Shaykh Banaras Owaisi with my friend. Upon arrival I was sceptical deriving from past experiences where this had led me to being hurt and confused.

As I entered his presence I did not know what to say in terms of diagnosing my problems. Shaykh Banaras Owaisi said to me that he knew what my problems were and he cured me. 1 was shocked that there were no demands from this distinguished gentleman as I did offer a charitable donation, he kindly refused. When I left the presence of  Shaykh Banaras Owaisi I was trying to search for my pains as I was at state of disbelief that the pains had actually gone.

Of course I am only human and I do come up against the normal obstacles of everyday life, but who doesn't? 1 still visit Shaykh Banaras Owaisi and he has given me faith into believing that there are people who have good causes to achieve. I have no regrets being introduced to Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. There are no charges but I do donate money in the name of the mosque they are building in Pakistan




Saleha Mahmood @ Bolton (51)                                                              


Fear of Bronchial Problems 


My story relates to my smoking sickness and meeting Peer Sahib changed my life to quit because of a medical fear (never had bronchial problems before). I really got scared when I had a hard time breathing...too sick to smoke, so I took the antibiotics and had no desire to smoke for three days, and then I thought just don’t do it if you don’t want one. Well, this was a different matter when I started to get better. The withdrawals I had I thought were attributed to fever and the bronchitis. If you are going to quit, do it when you are sick. I quit on 01/10/2006. I sure hope and pray that I do not relapse. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thanks to Peer Sahib who has helped me so much to get rid of this habit.

Saleha Mahmood @ Bolton (51)


My name is Kamran khan and i am from wallsal. I have promised not to smoke and i have stopped smoking!

Kamran Khan @ Walsall


My name is Sajid Ali and i live in Dudley, Westmidlands. I had black magic on me and peer sahib cured me. I also had pain in my heart and used to smoke cigs and was told it was because of smoking i had heart pain. Peer sahib told me not to smoke cigs again, from that day on i promised not to smoke again and threw the packet of cigs i had in the bin.

Sajid Ali @ Dudley, Westmidlands


To Whom It May Concern:


Back in March 2001 I decided to open my own car repair business, before that I had worked as a security manager running two branches.


My business started off well and kept going well for 6 months. I then started getting visits off relatives who I hadn't seen in a long time. They were all congratulating me on how well the business was doing. A few months later I started feeling ill with fever, pains and tonsillitis. I could not eat anything just fluids and soups and was wearing two sets of clothes but was still feeling cold.


By January 2002, things got worse. I was suffering every 3 weeks in a month and the doctors could only give me painkillers. This started affecting my business with rent, rates, wages and other bills piling up. Things were getting from bad to worse now I could hardly get myself out of bed. The suffering continued with attending doctors every other week.


Blood tests didn't prove anything and all the doctors could suggest was that I was allergic to something. I was told to just drink orange juice for 3 days to see if it made any difference but the pains got worse. I even had to go to hospital in emergency due to the pains getting so bad that I thought I was going to explode.


After being in hospital for 6 hours, they took my blood and gave me more painkillers. 1 went back to the doctors and all he could suggest was to have the tonsils taken out, for which there was a long waiting list which meant I had to keep taking the antibiotics - up to 80 tablets every fortnight. My wife and friends were all very worried for me and felt helpless. Then a friend suggested visiting a spiritual healer, and for some reason I asked him if hecharged a fee.


He replied yes and that the money goes in their pocket BUT he wasn't aware that the money was going towards a mosque & maybe any other cause. I decided to turn the offer down as I felt that people who have upfront fees may not be doing their work in the right way. I had made my mind up to leave my fate in Allahs hands. Suffering continued up to February 2003, the situation was still not any better with my business almost at a dead end. Then my brother told me of someone who does not take any money for themselves and can spiritually sort things out - inshallah. I decided to visit the spiritual healer as I could not take the pain any longer.



When I arrived at the spiritual healers house, I was shocked and full of gratitude at how this person was helping people for free in this day and age. I cannot describe what a wonderful feeling it was to be in the presence of such a blessed person, who had such powerful energy but yet seemed so humble. It was a totally different feeling being in the presence of this person. As I was waiting my heart was running fast not knowing what to say or where to start. All I had begun with were the salaam greetings and now I was speechless. After about five minutes they told me I had suffered for a long time., giving the exact time for how long and what problems I had. I couldn't believe that this blessed person knew exactly what I had been through.I was told that it was close relatives who had done black magic.


They then started reading for a few minutes and then blew over my body, after that I felt as if I had changed my body for a new one, all the pains I was suffering in my head,ears and eyes had gone. A few seconds later my ears popped open, I felt awake again after such a long time. They looked at me and asked me how I was feeling, I replied I am fine and started thanking them so much. They said thank Allah almighty not me as I am only his servant. I could not believe that 20 minutes ago I was such agony and now all the pain had gone. I could not believe that Allah could bless someone with such capabilities.


 Shaykh Banaras Owaisi turned my life around with the blessings of Allah Almighty without them I think my relatives would have had me dead and buried by now- Allah knows best. I am extremely happy that Allah has guided me to a righteous and blessed person. May Allah give them a long life to help people like myself.


At a later date I asked them about family back home because we had plenty of Shaykhs visiting our area because we had problems there as well. They told us that we didn't need any person visiting as there was somebody buried there from over a century ago who used to be a spiritual healer. They told me the exact place they were buried bearing in mind they had never visited our area at all. The Darbar was set up and a plaque was erected to let people know what illness can be cured by visiting there and praying. Soon people started getting the benefits. Every year on the 25th of July there is a kliatam sharif and a lot of people attend.


We are very blessed to have Shaykh Banaras Owaisi as our Murshid. I am forever grateful to Allah to have blessed them at such a high rank. Anybody is welcome to visit the Darbar in Pakistan and ask the people living there about the shaafa. The Darbar is at: Village & P.O Barutta District Rawal Pindi Pakistan.




Ansar Mahmood @ Birmingham (45)                                                                                                                            

I've been smoke free since 8th August 2006. I woke up that morning, and was spitting out blood. Doesn't sound good, does it?

Before that, I have tried to quit at least 8 times! Whenever I went out to see few friends I always gave in. I feel great right now, but I am still struggling. I didn't tell my close friends or family this time, because whenever I do I always go back. I guess I am just very independent. I knew each time I went back to smoking and taking drugs, I had to quit. It's like, what am I waiting for? To find out I have cancer?! I read on one of the posts that they say to themselves "smoking isn't an option" I know I am a nicotine addict and nothing can justify this addiction.

Nothing but thanks to one man who has helped through this and I owe him a great deal. Thanks Sain Peer Baba

Ansar Mahmood @ Birmingham (45)


My name is Faisal Hanif and i have promised not to smoke from today & I have thrown the rest of the pack in the bin.

Faisal Hanif


Mohammed Azam @ Bedford (35)                                                         


Hair Thin and Yellowish Nails (Smoking)


I tried quitting smoking probably 15 times before and I finally did it. I started noticing my hair was thinner and my nails were yellowish. I saw Peer Baba and he helped and supported me throughout the 6 months after quitting. My hair has started to grow back and it's even getting thicker than ever. My nails are beautiful now too. So, just imagine how pretty you will be when you quit smoking. I want to thank Peer Baba for been there for me when I needed him.

Mohammed Azam @ Bedford (35)



Fazal Rahim @ Birmingham (42)                                                                  03/07/2006


Support Group showed the Way:


I will try to give up smoking as soon as I can, once for all Inshallah. I have been a die hard smoker for 15 years. Working myself up to two packs of cigarettes a day. I have been smoke free for 7 days!!!! I never thought that I would be a non-smoker. 

My Peer Saab put me into a support group and I have finally, I had quit. Trust me, Peer Saab has ways to help people out.

Fazal Rahim @ Birmingham (42)


M.  Imran @ Bradford (50)                                                                            


Physically and Financially


Dear brothers and sisters


I Mohammad Imran of 20 years of age came to see Peer Saab for some help. Masha’Allah he has helped me a lot physically and financially. I had some bad habit that I couldn’t get rid of but by the help of Peer Saab I have changed a lot. Peer Saab told me everything and something I had forgotten myself; he reminded me but Inshallah I will keep coming to see Peer Saab every time.


I come and I feel a boost within me again every time I see Peer Saab, who is always helping and guiding me. It is very hard to explain how I was but by coming to Peer Saab I can feel the change Peer sahib is one of a kind believe in him. He is one and only who has helped loads of other people.


I would like to finish my story by thanking Allah SWT that he put on this earth a person like Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi, may Allah further Bless Hazrat Peer Sahib in every way.


Thank you for reading my story.

M. Imran @ Bradford (50)


Tabrik Hussain @ Bradford (49)                                                                     


Wasted Money on Drugs & Tobacco


This is my story. I am Tabrik Hussain i want to stop smoking drugs n tobacco. I have tried in the past but didn’t succeed. I had spent over 80k in past 15 yrs of my life on drugs and tobacco. What a waste of money all down the drain and nothing to show for it. I feel sad that I have wasted my health in due process.


I know what I am doing is wrong but can’t help myself that’s my problem which I got. I got help and guidance from Peer Saab and I will try give up every thing that I was doing wrong from today.  Inshallah


Thanks to Allah who has gave Sain Peer Naqshbandi the spiritual powers to cure me. So brothers and sisters who ever is reading this please do not think that I am making up a story.


Thank you for reading my story.

Tabrik Hussain @ Bradford (49)


 Some people say "He is Shaykh". His children say "he is our abbu" but to me and people like me "he is a Friend of God - A Saint". He is very kind, merciful, very friendly, helpful and listening person. I have no words for him. How can I describe him in words? I don't know myself. If you want to know about him, go to see SHAYKH BANARAS OWAISI  Tel: 07944 617831 yourself and experience for yourself.


I have seen with my own eyes the upset and worrying bones get peace when they greet Shaykh. Thin,tall gentle man with smiling face in 40's. White long dress and white scarf on head and green scarf on the forehead. When anyone goes to see him he shakes hand and embraces you like you are his family member, brother, son etc. What a nice style to greet you.


I have seen a lot of other people in my life and also so called Shaykh but none like my own Shaykh he is the only one of his kind. He is spiritually very very powerful. He never admits that he has got so much power being very humble he always says "All praise to Allah alone, I am nothing, only his servant.


Now, about me -1 was born in a Hindu Brahmin family - Brahmins are very strict in religion , they are top of four castes. First Brahmin, second Khatritis, third Vaisya and Fourth Sudar (low caste lobonregs). Now how I became a muslim is a very long story.


Not by force, not by greed but by love and from Allah. Only he gives direction to somebody if he likes. Who can stop him or check him? He does what he likes. He is almighty and can do anything. He is merciful, kind, listening and answering ones prayers. Nothing is hidden from him.


Everything is his servant. One of my muslim friends sent me an audio cassette. One side was ajjan, Sura Jinn,Sura Yassin,Ayatul Kursi. This was in Arabic. When I listened to it on my cassette recorder, the vibration went from my ears to my brain and from my brain to my heart. I felt something very different and very peaceful.


I re-winded the tape and listened to it again and again. Every time I felt even more peace. I phoned my friend and asked him about this tape and also told him about my experience. That was the day I started to enjoy myself in a different way. I requested one of my friends to record me some audio cassettes of the Holy Quran.


I started to listen to these cassettes daily. One night I had a dream, of thousands of people queued up walking along. On the front were very old people walking with sticks then middle age men then young men and in those young people I saw myself walking with them. I was wearing white kurta salwar and round small cap on my head. I was looking very young, three times less then my age. I was surprised to see this dream. Next day when I phoned my friend and told him about my dream he said "Allah is great, He is showing you the right path".


One winter morning when I was going to work at 05.45,1 saw a tall slim gentleman wearing long white dress and standing by my car. In those days I was reading "Bismallah" about 4 to 5000 times daily. I was scared, I opened my car door and reversed my car and went to work. I phoned my friend about this incident and he said "Don't worry this is a sign from Allah that there is moakul to protect you. Now when I told this dream to Shaykh he said "It was me" He came to me a couple of years ago. The muslim religion is new to me. I was praying to Allah How I was to learn all about this? new language. I can't read or write urdu or Arabic. I started reading the Quran in English translation. First I memorised Sura Fatiha then 4 quls, ayatul kursi, durood Ibrahim etc. Now Ayatul Kursi and Surah Yaseen are my Jaan. I love Sura Yaseen too much. I cover fresh water with a hand towel and after reading Sura Yaseen its colour and taste change. The waters colour is like somebody soaked tabeez and by the power of tabeez the simple water smell becomes scented and very sweet. This is the power of the Holy Quran and Sura Yaseen.


Nowadays I recite Sura Fathia 100 times, last four quls 100 times, third kalma 100 times, Durood Ibrahim 100 times and ayatul kursi 100 times. All this kalam is very powerful and gives you a lot of energy, peace and protection.


My own real story:


As I explained before I am Hindu Brahmin by birth and how I converted to Islam I have already explained. In Hindus when they die, their body is burnt not buried like muslims. Some bad people who do magic or black magic take the ash of the body and mix it with food or drink etc. The result of that person who has that ash, his body starts weakening and red cells in the body decreases. His legs and arms become very thin. If successful method is not adopted, death is sure. The same thing happened to me and my family.


Somebody gave our family the ash of a dead person in food couple of years ago. I think it was between 15-18 years ago. With the magic, a jin  named 'deo' comes to my home. There are always fights between family members, husband and wife and between father and children. With that black magic I saw the blood on the walls of my house and at my work place. Blood was on my clothes. My body was becoming thinner by the day. I lost my manhood. There were constant fights with my wife. She started sleeping in a separate room with my child.


I wondered what was happening. Then I saw some expert and showed them our family photo. They said "black magic" some said there were jin or demon in your house.


Some said 3 and a half jins, some said 20 jins. I spent a thousand pounds in a couple of years. Funny thing is that millions suffer from black magic. People are so unhappy with their lives that they are ready to do anything to get rid of this magic thing. In every city there are so many people who claim that they are expert but to my knowledge 99% are fraud.


People call themselves Babaji, Siyana (wiseman or expert in the cure of black magic). When you go to them they show some tricks and you believe that he is something (expert) but all they want is your money. They tell you very strange stories that to get rid of jins is very difficult. I have to fight with jin or demon. After a lot of reading and months of hard labour if you are strong you can remove jins otherwise they will harm you.


In the newspaper they claim the treatment is free. When you phone them they say come to us with a photo and £30 to £50. You make an appointment and when you see them they charge you £1500 to £4000. Most of them charge before they start the treatment. When you go to see them, if he is hindu you will see the picture of kali devi, if he is muslim you see the picture of Kaba Shariff and the Holy Qur'an. I saw some hafiz who said I memorise the holy quran by heart. But all of them are fraud. If you give them money and then ring them to say nothing happened after months or years they say I am trying. In my experience no body says 'I can't do this, go somewhere else' Everybody says 'sure I will do this.' which is why it is hard to trust people. But Shaykh Banaras Owaisi sorted out my problems.


Anyway the tik tik noise was coming in my house and at work. The Jin 'deo' who was with my wife was calling her by tik tik like a husband calls his wife for enjoyment.


Wifes response was by coughing. I have heard stories from other people but when it happened to me I was shocked. I always pray to Allah. He hears and responds to ones call. He is very very strong. Nothing is difficult for him. He can do anything he likes. There were biting marks on my wifes cheek and her eyes were red. People asked me if my wife was possessed by a jin. Her eyes were red and nobody could touch her body except jin. I told all this to my friend who is like a father to me, very kind and very helpful. His family was struggling with the same problem. All his sons and daughters were possessed by jins. 


Then my friend told me about Shaykh Banaras Owaisi in Birmingham. The spiritual healer and cure for all Black Magic. First I was thinking how he could cure this, when before, everyone I had been to said yes they can and had charged a lot of money and even then couldn't cure it. I had been to different cities, Leicester, London, Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and had wasted a lot of time and money. My friend told me that he doesn't charge money only you give whatever you like in a box for a new mosque. I decided to go to him. When I went inside the room he shook my hand, embraced me and blessed me with his kind hands on my head and said How are you beta? I replied you know everything and still you ask me? he then said don't worry everything will be alright by the grace of Allah.


When I saw him the tall slim gentleman it was the same person who I saw a couple of years ago on a winter morning standing next to my car. When I told him about that incident he said yes I was there. I am your Shaykh. I took bayt (blessed me and became my Shaykh) and said your new name is Khalil Ahmed from today and i became Muslim. He gave me some taweez to burn, some to drink and some to place in different locations. After 2 months treatment all the 'Tins', 'Deos' and the 'tik tiks' had all gone. Even the marks on my wifes cheeks had disappeared. After 15-18 years of friendship she is very very sad and still wonders what happened. People say there are seven wonders in the world like Taj Mahal, China Wall etc, but I say not seven but eight wonders in the world - the last being Shaykh Banaras Owaisi.


This difficult task which I was thinking impossible for anyone is done by Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, in two months & free of charge. Shaykh is wonderful. How I can praise such a strong personality who is far far away from greed and self praise. To me he is a high saint - Friend of God. I know all power comes from God - he is wonderful. If you phone Shaykh, if he is busy I never find him angry or find the excuses. He is very honest, straightforward and very helpful like a father who is always worried about his family and kids.


If you say thank you Shaykh you are very helpful, kind and merciful, he never admits that he has got any power, he always says 'tareef khuda ki beta, main kuch bhi nahi - I AM NOTHING'.


Sorry, I can't express his qualities in words. If I write about his good qualities I can write and write for years perhaps. If anybody wants to save money and time and wants 100% treatment and 100% success to cure black magic then go to Shaykh and experience for yourself. Lot of frauds who were charging thousands of pounds from suffering & people they don't like him but he says I don't mind - I do it for 'Allah SWT & Muhammad PBUH - ISLAM'




Mohammed Salem @ Birmingham                                                                                                         

I have been smoking lots of cigarettes and met Peer Sain Naqshbandi. He advised me to stop smoking, and I promised to stop smoking. It has been 5 DAYS AND DOING GREAT! All habits, just picking up an ashtray, I can laugh and say what are you doing? When I make a phone call, I think about a cigarette, little things like that, but I am doing fine. Thanks to Peer Sain Naqshbandi who has guided me to the right path...

Mohammed Salem @ Birmingham


My name is Fatima Kouser and i have become a muslim and promised not to smoke.

Fatima Kouser