Nebeela Sohail @ Birmingham (69)                                                            


Shooting Pains in the Heart (Smoking)



This is my story of how I started smoking for nearly 8 yrs to date. I used to go to my friends house to play Ludo games. I didn’t know how to smoke properly but did it to make friends. I was happy to waste my money to be with so many friends who smoked.


Today seating in front of Peer Saab I have decided to give up smoking as I know now its bad for my health as well as its haram. I have spent 2k every year on cigarettes alone. Peer Saab has mentioned that it will affect my heart and will end up with a stroke or heart attack. You know what that means I will die. I am only young and went to see the rest of my years ahead. Toady I am smoke free, thanks to Peer Saab.

Nebeela Sohail @ Birmingham (69)


Zahida Bi @ Spark hill, Birmingham (68)                                                       24/03/2010


Smoking Affected My Health



This is my story and how it has affected my life everyday. I Zahida Bi have been smoking for past 20 years. I have smoked 40 cigarettes a day. I have tried my best to give up many times before but could not give up. I tried nicotine patches and therapy but it never worked on me. When I came to see Peer Sahib they told me to give up smoking.


I have started to give up smoking all together and I feel better in my life now. Before when I walked, I could not walk for long. I had spent over 52k [2.6k a year] on cigarettes alone and I am very great full to Peer Sahib for helping me to give up smoking.


I thank Allah [SWT] that he put on this earth a person like Hazrat Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi, may Allah further Bless Hazrat Peer Sahib in every way.


Thank you for reading my story.

Zahida Bi @ Spark hill, Birmingham (68)



Saima @ Walsall, Birmingham    


Mental & Physical Problems


Salaam Brothers and Sisters 


I am here to tell you a lovely story about certain things that had affected my life and this is my story. Things that affected me both mentally and physically. later I found out it was the affect of black magic and jinn on me. Sadly this went on for over 7 years but I never knew the cause of it, until I met Peer Saab. Now, I am a much happier person, more relaxed and spiritually content. It is the will of Allah (swt) that I am writing my story and the prayers of Sain Peer Saab Naqshbandi Owaisi. I met Peer Saab through my sister.


My sister knew I was suffering from various problems. And I suppose I was at my wits end. She recommended that I visit Peer Saab (also known as Baba Jee). I and my sister were discussing when we could visit the Peer Saab as I was unsure of it first. I used to work 7 days a week with no time off and therefore that was the last thing I wanted to do!


One night I and my sister were talking about Baba Jee and that night, I had a dream where Baba Jee came into my dream and mentioned to my mum that I am suffering with few problems and everything will be fine. At this time, I haven’t seen Baba Jee or know what he looks like in real life, I only discussed with my sister about going to see him. I shared my so called dream with my mum. Her response was Masa’Allah, it was a good dream and I thought nothing about the dream again.


I had a second dream. In this dream I was really ill and I felt as if I was possessed by something (unaware at that time it was a jinn). Then Baba Jee read something and once again mentioned to my mum, that everything will be fine. Once again I shared with my mum the dream, which she said Masa’Allah it was a good dream and I thought nothing of it afterwards.


Few weeks had passed since I had the dream; I was going about my daily life carrying the problems with me. I went to see my sister to seek her advice on what I should do. I was feeling really down and depressed and didn’t feel like doing anything. I became lazy, sad and cried about my life. My sister once again recommended me to go and see Baba Jee and I planned to go and see him the following Saturday.


My sister gave me the website to go on and to read the testimony which people had left their own experiences of how Baba Jee has helped them. (www.spiritualhealinguk.co.uk).


That night, I went on the website and read many stories of people who had been cured by Baba Jee and this was their own testimony. I was amazed and shocked.


It was really late at night and I was getting ready for bed. I entered my room, when I suddenly felt cold breeze and I really got scared. I just couldn’t sleep in my room and went to my mum’s room to sleep there.


That week, some unfortunate events took place, all that I had been working for the past four years of my life, suddenly came crashing down on me. I had got involved with wrong group of friends. The friends turned on me, the ones which I had helped them out emotionally and financially, as I was about to lose everything which I had worked for.  My sister contacted Baba Jee, who prayed for me and told my sister, that I should visit him.


Finally, I made up my mind to see Peer Saab. That weekend, I went to see Baba Jee, who mentioned to me everything about the events that had been surrounding my life. Baba Jee also mentioned about my so called friends I had, who were bad influence on me and they were doing wrong things against Islam. He also said that I shouldn’t keep any contact with them or else if I did, those so called friends would make me go prison. The influences of my so called friends and my lack of practicing Islam, I was heading far, far away from my family and faith.


Baba Jee also mentioned that I have jinn on me and mentioned things to me that used to happen to me. When I used to go to sleep, the jinn would abuse me all night and make my body shake uncontrollably. It was like as if the jinni was sleeping with me.  I went to my GP couple of times and mentioned what happens during the night time, about the shakes and suffering high fever during the night time. At the day time my fever has vanished. The GP took some blood tests and it came out negative, showing that I am fine.


Baba Jee prayed and removed the jinn of me and I felt lighter as if a heavy weight that had been lifted off my shoulders. He mentioned that the Black magic was done on me and my family. He gave me a taweez to wear around my neck, bottled water with prayers in it to drink for a selected numbers of days and something to burn in the house. This was all so new to me but believe me it worked,


After the first visit with Baba Jee, I started the recovery process and was feeling much better within myself. There has been number of times when I have not felt well, where I have visited Baba Jee, who has helped me with any problems I was having. He has also helped with my family problems and taken the Jinn out of our homes. Prior to Baba Jee taking out Jinn from the family house, I would not have called my house a home, as me and my family would argue everyday about almost nothing. Bless my mum, she done blessing on the house through prayers but there was never peace in the house.


Today, I can say to you, hand on my heart, that I feel I have got my family back and they’ve got me back also. I have found Inner peace after so long, it seems like decades, but all thanks go to Allah (swt), who has given Baba Jee a small gift to heal people as he who have cured me and freed me off my problems and issues with my family. When I go to see Baba Jee, I always thank him for everything he has done. I cannot put the price on the joy and happiness I and my family feel today.


I decided to do bai’at (meaning following the Sheikh) with Baba Jee as I truly believe, Allah has bestowed powers upon him to help and heal people. In the past, I and my family have gone to several people looking for a cure but all they were interested in was money. The results were either temporary or no results at all, which left us disappointed, stressed and sad. And even more anxiously, I can say I have finally found someone who is truly blessed by Allah and we saw permanent results. Baba Jee is the best doctor in this world, you will ever visit, as you will not need to tell him your problems, he will tell you, your problems and cure it. He doesn’t ask for date of birth or mothers name or your name like several gifted people out there do.


Baba Jee only asks for a small fee, which he donates to the Mosque and charity work. That is such a small price for anyone to pay for the Baba Jee gives you and the way he helps and heals you. I want to thank Baba Jee again for all his help, thank you does not seem enough as I am eternally grateful. Baba Jee is a true Saint, Baba Jee helps people in any way possible through the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet. Baba Jee has Ludni ilm and Ism-e-azam which is a great gift given from Allah. This is attained from immense worship of Allah and love for Rasul-Allah Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


Today I walk towards the path of Islam; my faith has become stronger as I now pray five times per day, read Quran as much as I can. And follow the Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I am a much happier person, with inner peace and my outlook in life is much brighter. I shared my story with you so that if there is anybody out there who feels similar symptoms and distress please do approach Baba Jee. I am sure you will have no regrets! 


Saima @ Walsall, Birmingham


Mr. Basharat & Family @ Spark Hill, Birmingham      


Salaam Brothers and Sisters,


This is a story of how my life has drastically changed and improved since meeting Peer Saab. The last four (4) years of my life have consisted of non-stop problems and pains. Regular visits to the doctors, and scan/x-rays, everything was going bad for me. I had no energy to even stand up, let alone do any house chores.  I would go hospital and they would scan me, but every time the results diagnosed negative and was told everything is fine with me. This was to my disbelief because of all the suffering and agony I am going through and there was no found cause.  I felt like giving up and all my hopes were lost. I was stressed out as I didn’t know what to do, where to go, who to go to. It was like my life was at a painful standstill not knowing whether I could make it through this. This was where I explained this to my friend and she told me about Peer Saab. After listening to my friend’s story, I went with my husband to meet Peer Saab.


As I entered the room, I felt a pure sense of purity and an awe of amazement. Peer Saab was so nice; he listened to all my problems and made me feel comfortable. It was like I knew them for years. Compared to some Peer’s who give attention to people they know but Peer Saab treated me equal to everyone else. He gave me Taweez to drink for a number of selected days and a Taweez to wear around my neck. Gradually, I could feel the difference on me. Whenever I needed them they were there for me.


Symptoms: Constantly vomiting whilst consuming food which had caused me a lot of weight loss. Sleepless nights, I would try my utmost to sleep but would find it difficult in doing so. Everything felt dull around me, seems as though a curse was upon my household as everything seemed to be on a standstill. My husband would see black shadows moving within our household during night and day periods, constantly depressed without any valid reason, suffering pains all over his body, excessive weight loss.


I become Ba’it (meaning Follower of Sheikh) with them. Whenever, my pains came back all I have to do is speak to Peer Saab and they do prayers and Masa’Allah it helps me a great amount as I am still on the road of recovery. I can call them any time, as there is no need for appointments.


Alhamdulillah, I and my husband are leading once again a normal life thanks to the blessings that Allah (swt) has given this blessed Peer Saab. He has healed many people alike of similar illnesses, and Alhamdulillah he has the prayers to heal & cure other types of illnesses, diseases with the will of Allah (swt). All Peer Saab asks is for is a little donation towards an educational institute/ masjid that he is raising funds for which is not of a large sum compared to other false saints.


I can finally say that I have the strength to pick myself up and carry on with my life. I cannot thank Peer Saab enough as He has turned my life around from dumps to happiness. My two youngest sons are very close to Peer Saab, they feel as if they have known them all their lives. Its one of the most beautiful sense of feeling you could possibly have. Thank you. Jazakallah Khair


Asalaam Alaykum

(Peace / Tranquility / Sincerity)

Mr. Basharat & Family @ Spark Hill, Birmingham



Mrs. Irshad.B @ Birmingham    


Dear Brothers and Sisters


My story begins from the day I got Brain Tumor. This story I wrote on the 03/05/2009. You can read my story on this website www.spiritualhealinguk.co.uk .


Today I have another story to write, as it was shocking news to me as it is for every woman out there who gets breast cancer. This is the second time I have been diagnosed with cancer. Three (3) years later after my brain tumor had been cured by Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi, I discovered that I have been diagnosed once again with cancer. This time it was breast cancer.I went to Queens Elizabeth Hospital for a chest scan and there I saw four (4) spots, not to big but the doctor mentioned that I have cancer and to make it go away I have, to have an operation to get the cancer removed. I immediately came to see Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi, once again for cancer problem. Peer Naqshbandi, told me not to worry and he told me that he will get rid of the cancer as long as, that we believe in it. Peer Naqshbandi told me not to go through with the operation. Peer Saab started to heal the pain I was suffering. It started to go away as soon as he started to pray and his healing powers had started to work there and then. Peer Saab stopped the pain I was suffering immediately.


In the same week Peer Saab told me to come back again. This time he prayed and said that the cancer has gone completely disappeared. Peer Saab said, go and have another scan but instead of going for another scan as I didn’t believe in what Peer Saab did, I went ahead and booked for an operation to remove the cancer. At the hospital, I kept thinking about Peer Saab while they put me to sleep and in mind I kept thinking also that I won’t wake up and I will die. After few days of the operation the hospital called me back and done another scan but for some reason it showed only one(1) spot and the doctor told me that this is not the cancer they thought I had. It was pre-cancer, no where near the cancer they thought I had. They congratulated me and told me what a LUCKY lady I am.


I went to see Peer Saab after the hospital and what they had told me about the scan. Peer Saab said to me, “I told you not to worry, as I have got rid of the cancer”. I whole heartily then believed in Peer Saab and I should have done in the starting before going through with the operation. I now believe the Peer Saab, he has helped me before and I should have now believed in him about the breast cancer as well.


Miracles do happen because Allah (swt) has given Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi spiritual healing powers. Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi has a unique character and attitude unlike other Peers.

Alhamdulillah, this is all which he has gained form doing Dhikr of Allah (swt); truly, Allah (swt) guides those who remember him. I pray to Allah (swt) that we can have many more Peers like Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi. I can only say this to the readers that this happened to me. Now I thank him from the bottom of my heart if it was not for the Peer Saab I don’t now what I would have done. Thank you so much. Jazakallah Khair.

Mrs. Irshad.B @ Birmingham


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


I will like to share my life story to you all.  Praise be to Allah, I am better now (Masa’Allah). My story starts when I was forced to marry my cousin back home, who I didn’t love and broke off after some time. Then I had an arranged marriage which lasted a few months.


At the beginning I was happily in love then it went rock bottom. I was so depressed unhappy and not loved. I had severe nightmares where I used to feel like someone else was in my bed and having sexual intercourse with me. When I used to wake up I would be screaming and sweating and after I would get out my bed I would start to burn up and get high temperatures. I couldn’t tell anyone who would believe me? I was afraid to SLEEP!


I tried to tell my husband, he never believed me. As a result, we argued a lot we both got depressed. We couldn’t keep the marriage going and ended up divorced. After a few months, I started to have the same nightmares again. Where I felt someone was in my bed again. I’d wake up screaming.


My dad took me to a Peer who said I had jinn from the house that I was married into; also I had black magic done to me. He gave me a taweez and water to drink. After having the water, I started having fits for a week. After another month the jinn went and everything stopped. Months later, I thought I was better, but then the same nightmares came back again.


This time, my dad took me to a molvi. He gave me dua to recite and water to take for two weeks. Again I had suffered my bad fits where the jinn came and went but returned after three months.


After that I was taken to so many Peers. We even went to Pakistan to see a big Peer who gave taweez; the jinn would go but still would come back.


I came back to England with more worse then before. This time I couldn’t walk, I was so depressed. I had fits all the time, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t sleep, I was always scared, I thought I was going mad, I even wanted to kill myself.


I was introduced to Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi. When I first met him, I was so relived; he really understood me and my pain. I was so comfortable to talk to him and then I knew that he’s the only peer that will cure and help me.


He started off my treatment with taweez and blessed water to drink. After regularly visits with Peer Saab, I was getting a lot better. I stopped havening fits, nightmares and walked again. (It was like a miracle!)


It gave back my confidence and started my life again with a new job. Now, I am looking into my future which does look good (Inshallah)


I would like to thank my Peer Saab who is a true Wali of Allah, who has cured and helped this innocent helpless child. Please do a dua for Peer Saab and me and all the helpless people who are suffering and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Miracles do happen because Allah (swt) has given Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi spiritual healing powers. Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi has a unique character and attitude then other Peers. Alhamdulillah, this is all which he has gained form doing Dhikr of Allah (swt); truly, Allah (swt) guides those who remember him. I pray to Allah (swt) that we can have many more Peers like Hazrat Sain Peer Naqshbandi Owaisi.


I can only say this to the readers that this happened to me. Now I thank him from the bottom of my heart if it was not for the Peer Saab I don’t now what I would have done.


Thank you so much.


Jazakallah Khair.

Ms Salahia @ Hodge Hill, Birmingham


S.AHMED from Birmingham


Dear Brothers and Sisters


I am just about to tell you all something that changed my life completely.  Well at the age of 18 I lost my father whom played a big role in my life. Whilst he was alive I had everything you can imagine losing him was a negative impact on my life. As I was the eldest I had a lot of burden on me from financial to domestic plus everything, at this time I didn’t grieve as I had no time I guess.


My mother had really bad depression she went all quite did not communicate with any one, she stopped socialising, she was always in the house not knowing anything about her kids. I had 4 siblings who were younger than me I had to look after them like mother and father.


As time went on things started to get better my siblings got to the age were they started to help, mum came round a little as she was on anti depressions tablets I started collage everything started to look good. It came time when my mum decided to get me married, even though I was recovering from my dad’s death, I agreed because that would make my mum happy. We had to travel to Pakistan as I was getting married to my first cousin whom I not met or spoke to I agreed because it was my father’s wish. I got married without my brothers and father my mum had to give me away which was heartbreaking. After marriage I came back to England within 4 weeks I didn’t get to know my husband at all.


As I was getting used to marriage life I found out that I was pregnant which shocked me completely, I was not sure if I was to keep the baby or not I was so confused that’s when my mum said “keep the baby and leave everything up to ALLAH he shall make everything better” so I carried on in my pregnancy. I went on in my pregnancy I started to get very ill, I got so bad that the doctors gave up they said time will tell if the baby will survive or not. I was going through a very rough time: that’s when someone suggested seeing someone, whom I can’t remember, but I do remember that he said I have eaten or drank some taweeez & he said in order to cure it I would need to wear a taweez around my neck and also some taweez water to drink. I remember him saying that since I ate and drank taweez beforehand, he doesn’t know what the damage would be which wasn’t assuring at all, but I guess the taweez he gave me helped in giving birth to a healthy boy {MashAllah}.  After the birth I got very ill I was put on loads of medications which got me through I guess, but it left a lot of stress on me. As 6/7 months passed my husband came over to England to spend his life with us, it was very strange because everything was new for him and me.


As time went on we had good 5/6 months but after that, things started to go downhill & we started to argue. He was accusing me and I was accusing him, it just got worse and worse. We decided to separate as I couldn’t take it anymore but I don’t know how, but my eyes gazed upon our son who was less than a year old & I thought to myself that it’s not fair on him so i decided to sit down and talk to my husband and Alhamdulillah we finally agreed on something.


Three years later i got pregnant, in which unfortunately I had a still birth, which shocked all of us. Even the doctors were shocked as they said my placenta tore without any reason. Since I was in hospital at that time, all of a sudden went into COMA for 2 days. Everyone was devastated, my mum was scared so she decided to see some molvi whom said I had black magic done to me, but gave no reason of why they were done.


He took money first and gave some taweez to wear and drink which I did whilst recovering from PRECLAMPSIA. It took time but I did slowly recover, this caused lack of sleeping a lot of stress I was told it would get better in time.


Time went on, I got pregnant and my child was born with a hole in his heart which couldn’t heal without a surgery. We were put on a waiting list, my child was in and out of hospital day and night we were in stress not sleeping/eating & life was just hard. I just wanted to know why all this was happing to me. Me and my husband’s problems started to accrue at this moment I was put on anti-depressions tablets 3 times a day which got me worse: I was always sleeping, couldn’t concentrate at all although my husband was a big help then. So much was going on that we forgot our problems.


Somehow my husband met a Arabic SHEKH who came and said I had something was with me through black magic, he said it could be treated very easily we all thought finely everything would get better he gave me oil to put on 2 times a day I was not allowed to go out for about a month & he gave me black honey to eat. He also gave me some oil to drink, which was not nice at all, but I still had some because I wanted to get better A.S.A.P.  He took a lot of money, hundreds, but no change, so we decided to stop the treatment as we couldn’t afford it any more. On top of everything, a few weeks later, we found out that the SHEKH was on the run for fraud! When we heard this we were devastated, we couldn’t believe how we fell for him. My MEMORY was going, my SKIN was AGING, my EYE SIGHT, went bad, I started to get headaches, my body was hurting, and everyone didn’t know what to do. We were living as not living counting days as they were going pass.


Then one day my mum wanted to go see / talk to Peer Banaras Owaisi, to see if he would cure her pain of arthritis. She phoned Peer Saab and he did dua over the phone. MashAllah, her pain went a little and she asked her to come to him since she got arthritis. She went down and Peer Saab, Alhamdulillah, MashAllah, he told her BLACK MAGIC was done on her so she goes weak, doesn’t get out of the house and always stays inside, with the help of Peer Saab she got better in just few days. Her arthritis was gone & she stopped using her walking stick. ALHAMDULILLAH, she started to socialise go out shopping it was really nice to see our mum back ALHAMDULILLAH.


The main thing was she got her answers to why she was so bad all this was done for free. I was shocked my mum advised me to go to him my husband had a feeling he was the one who would help. So we took the courage and went. I was scared thinking what he was going to say most of all what is he going to give to eat and drink that’s because I still had the taste in my mouth from the previous treatment, but MASHALLAH to my surprise when I went to see him it was a lot of my burden was of already without talking to him.


As we went and sat he told us everything to my surprise even the things only me and my husband knew about not even my mum knew about them, he told us that we had black magic done to us and they were mainly done me because I married my husband it is all done because of JEAOULSY. The black magic was done with blood which was VERY VERY dangerous. He also said I was suffering from severe depression which could end up killing me. Hearing all that made me upset, that’s when PEER SAAB said don’t worry my hand will always stay on your head which I heard after a long time, well the only time I heard it was when my dad was alive.


PEER SAAB started his treatment by doing DAMM on me which took time because the black magic was done by blood. As he was doing the treatment I got worse, my head was going all heavy and then after few minutes my head went all light the pressure on my eyes went down. My vision got clear & ALHAMDULILAH, I can’t tell you how light I went, they also asked me to have pomegranates in milk with honey I laughed at first because I was thinking it’s a joke but no, I had to have it every morning for about 3 months. It was for me to sleep at night & to keep me relaxed. I also had to give up on oily food, yeah I know, I thought that’s impossible! I loved my takeaway but when PEER SAAB spoke to me, I said ok. Believe or not, I didn’t crave for it at all, even up to now. PEER SAAB gave me taweez to put on around my neck and said not to take it off, they gave me water to drink, which I do, up to now the treatment was so easy and AHAMDULILAH I am cured. I’m not taking my anti depression tablets any more, me and my husband are so happy with each other and we go out as a couple were as before we never did.


SUBHANALLAH not only me but my sisters were benefitted from PEER SAAB. My middle sister was always arguing with my mum and the rest of my family, she was always threatening to leave the house, there was no peace in the house but with PEER SAAB’S blessed water, she was a new person, 100% better. She got a job and also passed her THEORY TEST after failing so many times MASHALLAH.


My youngest sister had something in her room which was troubling her day and night, she was always in a mood, always alone, not sleeping, not going to school, she was like a stone on the sofa but MASHALLAH PEER SAAB gave her taweez to burn in the house and also to wear & drink. With the PEER SAABS dua she is a new person, all normal, or should i say all bubbly again. She’s going to school & ALHAMDULILAH things are looking bright for us now, we could see hope in our near future. MASHALLAH.. ALHAMDULILLAH.


May Allah bless our PEER SAAB and give him a long and healthy life, WALI-ALLAH, like our PEER, you will find very less in the world. Someone who would do the treatment free and also have his hand on our head. I would advise and suggest PEER SAAB to everyone for every treatment you could possibly think of, so please don’t delay come for yourself! Even just to talk to them, it will give you relief of some pain guaranteed. I hope my story inspires you to take the courage and come to see the WALI OF ALLAH.



S.AHMED @ Birmingham


Mohammed Bashir & Two friends @ Makah Al Haram, Saudi Arabia.    


My story of how, I had accidently bumped into Peer Saab. I didn’t know him personally but I heard from a very good friend that he was healed there and then by this man all dressed in white. He was friendly and helpful person. My close friend who got healed was a Patan from Pakistan. We work in Makah as cleaners, who make sure that everything is cleaned up and safe for the public who come to pray daily namaaz or umrah / hajj. So I would say I am in the best place in this world. I see Kabaa everyday as I am working there for few good years now. I am very happy and enjoy my job here.


My friend, The Patan, he had a problem with his right leg. He couldn’t walk that much and he had problem in working as the leg would give him shooting pains. He had a general accident at work and his right leg had been troubling him for a number of years. Now, he’s not a young man but I would say he is in his late 50’s. He was also suffering from a chest pain due to Black magic (evil of wickedness).


The Patan said,” This man called Peer Saab, just came to me and asked me “what was the problem?”. I was in much pain at that time and I explained what had happened in the past. Peer Saab read something and blew on me. The pain had disappeared and I was shocked and amazed how this man can cure my illness that quickly. My chest pains also disappeared in an instant. I started to walk without pain and breathe air without any pain.” I was very happy that Peer Saab came to me. Peer Saab told me about the chest pain which I had been suffering for almost 20 years was due to blackmagic. I asked Peer Saab who he was and where did he come from. Peer Saab said, “He is sent by Allah (swt) to help the mankind with problems”. Allah (swt) has gifted him with miracle powers, Subhaan ‘Allah.


My friend Patan also mentioned another miracle which happened after him. There was this man who regularly comes to pray namaaz in Makah. It was Asr namaaz at the time. He was an Arab caste. He had pains in both his knees for number of years now. He saw my miracle cure and decided to try Peer Saab on his problem. Peer Saab asked him where the pain was and the man pointed towards both of his knees (legs). Peer Saab touched his legs and blew on him and instantly he was happy the pain had gone. He stood up and started to walk and overjoyed with great relive. He couldn’t thank Peer Saab enough. Masa’Allah he too was cured!


My turn was next after Asr namaaz had ended. I was looking out for Peer Saab and praying that I meet him after hearing from our Patan friend what had taken place. I saw Peer Saab as I recognised the description given to me by Patan. I stopped Peer Saab and asked if he could cure my problem. I had indigestion problem and had been taking medications from Pakistan.


This medication caused more problems then to relive me. I have been suffering for more then few days now. Peer Saab, touched the sides of my forehead and I was instantly cured. I just couldn’t thank Peer Saab enough. I even took his business card, so that I can get in touch with him. Peer Saab, also mentioned about my wife and child problem. I was shocked to hear from Peer Saab about my family history. How can this man know so much about me!!


Peer Saab told me to tell my wife in Pakistan to give (Yarmee Sharif) Langar. Do that and all your family problems would be cured? Insha Allah.



I have heard a lot from other people about the miracle cures and seen less of it. I now believe a person like Peer Saab exists in this world and they are so rare like diamond. I am so happy to have met Peer Saab. The great Wali of Allah, who has been gifted with healing powers. May Allah give him long life, better health and safety back to London to keep up this good work of Allah (swt), Ameen.


Thank you for reading my story


Jazakala Khair

Mohammed Bashir