My problems started in 2008.......

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

I'm writing this testimony about the trails I have been experiencing. My problems started in 2008, I went to Pakistan and I felt unwell. I could hear something calling me but upon checking nobody was there. Upon my arrival back to the UK I started suffering from severe headaches and I began hearing sound coming from my left ear. I could hear mellow sounds of bells sounding deep in to my ears. After this some time had passed and I heard a large scraping sound in the middle of the night upon my house Rooftop, my husband woke up and I asked him what was that sound and he said it's just the wind. I said how can the wind be sounding such loudly like that. In the next few days my sense of smell changed and I would constantly smell foul smell as if they were next to me. I kept vomiting a lot due to this smells, one day in my kitchen I heard a loud bang, i was on my own and then i checked and nothing was there it sounded again for second time and nothing could be seen, I picked up a Knife and when went in the kitchen and nothing was there, behind me on the wall and I saw a tall Shadow on the wall behind me. This Shadow constantly followed me and my daughter I always felt scared. Even when out of country I still felt it's presence. I went to many peers, many of them gave me taweeez but no cure. One peer managed to get the shadow to speak an it said it would leave me bit it didn't.  I began to feel used sexually by this Jinn. After some time I met a friend who directed me towards Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, upon using their taweez Alhamdulilah a great  post positive impact has come. I'm onto the road of recovery and feel much better, no sign of the Shadow/Jinn. My sister had the same problems and she is much better now too. Allah Kareem bless us all and grant us shifa. Ameen 

Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi Narrates........



Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem 


Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi Narrates


"I went in to a state of Muraqabah whilst making zikr at a mehfil, I see myself and my Khalifah's dressed in ihraam and standing at the doors of Al Kabbah, I enter the Kabbah however the Khalifah's stay outside. I prayed nawafil in Kabbah and then we together preform Umrah. After performing umrah we travel together towards the Holy City of Madinah, upon arriving there (spiritually) my Khalifah's are instructed to await outside and I enter inside the Roza Paak and I see my master Salalhualiywaslam. I fall at his blessed feet and holy prophet SalahualyhiWaslam made dua and gave 5 flags one for each my Khalifah's. My master SalahualyhiWaslam instructed to me to keep steadfast and carry out work in the Way of Almighty Allah. Present in the mehfil was Khalifah Haji Bashir Ahmed, Khalifah Haji Muhammad Yaqoob, Maulana Qari Mohammed Farooq Hakeem, Khalifah Qari Enaam Ul Haq and Adil Mahmood. Allah Kareem Bless all the Muslim Ummah, may Allah give the tawfeeq to all the Khulafah to stay in the guidance of their Murshid and Carry on the mission in the way of Allah SWT."

Muraqabah is knowing that Allah is watching over us. Allah, subhanahu wa ta'ala, says, "And know that Allah knows what is in your minds, so fear Him." [2:235] "And Allah is Ever a Watcher over all things." [33:52] "And He is with you wherever you may be." [57:4] There are many other similar verses stating the same concept.

In the hadith of Jibreel, when he asked the Prophet (s) about ihsan (goodness and excellence), the Prophet (s) replied, "Ihsan is to worship Allah as if you see Him, but since we do not see Him we should know that He sees us at all times." (Bukhari and Muslim) The meaning of this hadith is the definition of muraqabah. Namely, the endurance of the servant's knowledge and his conviction and certainty that Allah is watching over his internal and external affairs. To have this knowledge and certainty at all times is called muraqabah. It is the fruit of the servant's knowledge that Allah is his Watcher, Over-seeing him, Hearing his utterances, and Observing all of his deeds at all times.

Al-Junaid said:

The one firm in muraqabah fears the waste of even a moment for other than his Lord." Dhun-Nun said: "The sign of muraqabah is to favor what Allah has sent down (of the revelation), to glorify what Allah has glorified, and to despise what Allah has despised.

Ibrahim Al-Khawass said:

Muraqabah is the sincerity of both the internal and external to Allah.

It has been said that"

The best that man may cling to on this road to Allah is muhasabah(reckoning of the self), muraqabah, and governing his conduct with knowledge.