Suffering with anxiety attacks


Aslaam'Alaykum RWB

This story is about my sister inlaw, she recently married my brother and moved from West London to Birmingham.
She started suffering with anxiety attacks, within crowds of people she felt suffocated. She also would get severe headaches. Her mother  took her to various Pirs and everyone said that she had a Saya (Black spirit). She was told that she shouldn't eat certain foods and avoid. Houses that have had a recent death. Her symptoms seemed to get worse, one day we was at her mothers house in London and a conversation started between my mum and her mum. We have received treatment already and have been blessed to know Hazrat Sahib. My mum suggested that she meets Hazrat Sahib. My sister in laws mum asked many questions about Hazrat Sahib, she wanted to know everything before taking her daughter there.
Finally they decide to go, on the very day of going to meet Hazrat Sahib she has a severe anxiety attack. Yet still my brother and father along with her mother manage to get her to see Hazrat Saab.
Hazrat Saab said that there has been black magic and also a jinn is constantly with her. Hazrat sahib gave taweez and treatment for my sister inlaw. My sisters inlaws mother didn't seem fully convinced by Pir Saabs words and efforts. Some time had passed and my sister inlaws family decided to go to Pakistan for a family wedding. My sister inlaw was a sceptical to going but after persuading she travelled to Pakistan. Throughout her stay their she was unwell the same problems remained. She would have sleepless nights. Again her mother took her to some Pirs in Pakistan but the problem was still apparent.  In May 2016 we convinced her to go and see Hazrat Sahib, she kept saying that she had a back ache and and headache etc. We went for the second time to Hazrat Sahibs, upon meeting Pir Saab refused to treat her again. The reason was that she had gone to other Pirs and was undergoing treatment from them. Pir Sahib said they cannot be held responsible for other Pirs  Sahibs treatments. My sister inlaw had also fell pregnant and was 5-16 weeks in to her pregnancy. After requesting and visiting Pir sahib they finally accepted to treat her, Pir Sahib asked her to preform two rakat nafl, then they began her treatment. Hazrat sahib gave taweez and things to burn around the house. Alhamdulilah my sister inlaw felt better, her sleepless nights began to disappear, anxiety attacks had also stopped. Mentally and physically there was a massive improvement that was noticeable.

Allah bless Hazrat sahib. Alhamdulilah my sister inlaw has finally found peace and Shifa with the will of Allah tala through the noble hands of this pious awliyah.

Jezakallah khair for reading.