Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Banaras Owaisi Sahib QS In'Sha'Allah has completed Chilla

Aslaamulaykum RWB

Hazrat Shaykh Muhammad Banaras Owaisi Sahib QS In'Sha'Allah has completed Chilla. Allah Paak Bless them, we ask the noble Shaykh to make Dua for us sinners. May Allah Tala give them success in their objective. Shaykh sahib has Been ordered to carry out this seclusion for 5Days whilst Fasting, by the Holy Messenger SalahualyhiWaslam.

What is Chilla?

Chilla/Khalwa/Seclusion/Muraqabah refers Initially, to prepare a human being for the more advanced exercise of spiritual seclusion, khalwa necessitates the actual physical separation of oneself from all worldly distractions and attachments for a time. Periods of physical khalwa can range from as little as a few minutes, as in the five daily prayers, or longer to days, weeks, months and in some rare cases years.
Physical khalwa is often used in schools of Islamic Spirituality to train students to disconnect from the world of forms and appearances, and to dissociate from the constant stream of common human consciousness, so as to prepare the mind and body for enlightenment.

“Take great care, for within the body there is a piece of flesh that if purified, the entire body becomes blessed, yet if it is corrupted, the entire body and what flows from it becomes tainted. Indeed, it is the heart.” — Prophet Muhammad (SalahualyhiWaslam)

Through lack of developing in-dependence, a human being becomes completely dependent on others to do their thinking and decision-making for them, and such are easily led into error. Yet Islam is about developing personal leadership, ultimately being directly led and inspired by the Divine Presence of God. Of course, this necessitates a great degree of sincerity to overcome the self, the ego, the nafs.
In the Holy Quran Allah Suhanwatala talks about seclusion:
7:142 AND [then] We appointed for Moses thirty nights [on Mount Sinai ]; and We added to them ten, whereby the term of forty nights set bye, his Sustainer was fulfilled. [104] And Moses said unto his brother Aaron: "Take thou my place among my people; and act righteously, and follow not the path of the spreaders of corruption."