Suffering with anxiety attacks


Aslaam'Alaykum RWB

This story is about my sister inlaw, she recently married my brother and moved from West London to Birmingham.
She started suffering with anxiety attacks, within crowds of people she felt suffocated. She also would get severe headaches. Her mother  took her to various Pirs and everyone said that she had a Saya (Black spirit). She was told that she shouldn't eat certain foods and avoid. Houses that have had a recent death. Her symptoms seemed to get worse, one day we was at her mothers house in London and a conversation started between my mum and her mum. We have received treatment already and have been blessed to know Hazrat Sahib. My mum suggested that she meets Hazrat Sahib. My sister in laws mum asked many questions about Hazrat Sahib, she wanted to know everything before taking her daughter there.
Finally they decide to go, on the very day of going to meet Hazrat Sahib she has a severe anxiety attack. Yet still my brother and father along with her mother manage to get her to see Hazrat Saab.
Hazrat Saab said that there has been black magic and also a jinn is constantly with her. Hazrat sahib gave taweez and treatment for my sister inlaw. My sisters inlaws mother didn't seem fully convinced by Pir Saabs words and efforts. Some time had passed and my sister inlaws family decided to go to Pakistan for a family wedding. My sister inlaw was a sceptical to going but after persuading she travelled to Pakistan. Throughout her stay their she was unwell the same problems remained. She would have sleepless nights. Again her mother took her to some Pirs in Pakistan but the problem was still apparent.  In May 2016 we convinced her to go and see Hazrat Sahib, she kept saying that she had a back ache and and headache etc. We went for the second time to Hazrat Sahibs, upon meeting Pir Saab refused to treat her again. The reason was that she had gone to other Pirs and was undergoing treatment from them. Pir Sahib said they cannot be held responsible for other Pirs  Sahibs treatments. My sister inlaw had also fell pregnant and was 5-16 weeks in to her pregnancy. After requesting and visiting Pir sahib they finally accepted to treat her, Pir Sahib asked her to preform two rakat nafl, then they began her treatment. Hazrat sahib gave taweez and things to burn around the house. Alhamdulilah my sister inlaw felt better, her sleepless nights began to disappear, anxiety attacks had also stopped. Mentally and physically there was a massive improvement that was noticeable.

Allah bless Hazrat sahib. Alhamdulilah my sister inlaw has finally found peace and Shifa with the will of Allah tala through the noble hands of this pious awliyah.

Jezakallah khair for reading.



Aslaam'Alaykum RWB

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim


Hazrat Shaykh Banaras Owaisi had a new person neighbourhood. Pir Sahib greeted their new neighbour and she got talking to Pir sahib. She asked Pir sahib why do they dress a certain way, I.e the Jubbah. Pir Saab started to talk to her about the beautiful religion of Islam and how it's a beautiful sunnah of our noble prophet SalahualyhiWaslam, and how our religion promotes peace and harmony.

A few weeks passed and it was the month of Ramadhan Pir sahib saw this neighbour again and she approached Pir sahib and said that she had thought about accepting Islam, and If she did accept Islam what are the benefits. Pir Sahib replied "Jannah", ultimate bliss. She then asked how to accept Islam and what to do. Pir sahib said if you want accept Islam then recite after me, La ilalhu Muhammad DarRasool Allah. She then said I feel peace and Pir Sahib named her: Zaina and her Daughters Tayba, Zahida. Pir Sahib then purchased a Jilbab and Islamic books for her.

May Allah accept this and bless her in her iman and health In'Sha'Allah.

Initiation of Owaisi Tareeqa

Hazrat Abu Bakr Sadiq (As-Sadiqque-The verifier of truth) R.A.

Initiation of Owaisi Tareeqa:

Upon completion of the last stage and final challenge was where the Shaykh was granted the Bayt with Prophet Muhammad PBUH, bringing them into the Nisbat of Owaisi.

Shaykh Banaras Uwaysi narrates “I had taken bayt with all the prophets, including Hazrat Khidr A.S, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A, Hazrat Ali R.A, Hazrat Uthman R.A, Hazrat Umar R.A, Hazrat Abu Bakr Sadiq R.A and Prophet Muhammad SAW. I was stamped with the seals of all Prophets and by the other blessed personalities (above) who took me to many different realities.”

Some Karamats Prior to Wilayat:

Between 2003 and 2013 a period of 13 years, the awareness of the Shaykh increased with the Will of Allah SWT and his Beloved SAW. He has been healing people from all over the globe via going abroad such to places such as Kosovo, Cyprus, Even in the blessed City of the Beloved SAW. Further people were healed through publicity gained through internet, telephone or word of mouth.

Some individuals became mureeds because of the instant relief of a variety of problems and some through pre-Wilayat karamats of the Shaykh such as:

Some individuals – prior to being mureeds – state they had encounters with the Shaykh within dreams or face to face where the Shaykh previously helped them, smiled, or spoke to them however that is impossible to comprehend as at the time to which these people saw the Shaykh was before he came to become a Wali-Allah.

The Shaykh did not know or expect to receive these blessings. The encounters of people prior to the Shaykh being a Shaykh shows the maqaam (status) of the Wali-Allah and shows Allah SWT is always in control and guides who he wishes and leaves astray who he wishes.

Gifts Gained from Allah SWT & distributed by Beloved SAW:

The Shaykh was firstly awarded “Ilm-e-Ludni” (Knowledge which was given to Prophet Hazrat Musa Alaihis-salaam by Hazrat Khwaja Khizar Alaihis-salaam as per Quran).

Secondly Allah SWT taught and placed the Syriac /Suryani language on the tongue of the Shaykh. The Shaykh himself says he has no knowledge of the Syriac or Suriyani language itself. Although the was awarded a gift of ‘Bismillah Sharif’ upon which when the Shaykh recites those words and thinks about the language it allows the Shaykh to read / recite the Suryani language and it was gifted to him by Allah SWT and the Waseela of Nabi Muhammad SAW.

The Shaykh is able to write – with the Help of Allah SWT & The Beloved SAW anything from incantations (Ruqya / Taweez) to verses (Ayaats). The pen would automatically start writing if the Shaykh recites Bimillah and if the Shaykh has a pen in his possession.

Thirdly Tai`al Lisan was gifted to the Shaykh from Hazrat Ali R.A where they able to recite the whole Holy Qu’ran in minutes:

Hazrat Ali (RA) was able to recite the whole Quran in the same space of time that it took for a horse to put the first hoof/feet on the ground to the following /second one. i.e. one step of a horse.
Author: Mulla Ali Qari.  Book:-Maraki al Mufta , section  5 , number 344

Fourthly, the Shaykh was gifted the ability to communicate with the unseen creatures from Prophet Suilman A.S. This also includes the ability to deal with possession black magic and other sorts of problems related to the unseen.

Fifthly, the Shaykh has been given Al-Buraq as gift to aid those in need whether it is other Awliyah-Allah (having trouble with unseen creatures), Mureeds – both Human and unseen mureeds or the Ummah of the Beloved SAW.

On many occasions the Beloved of Allah SWT has accompanied the Blessed Shaykh on the Al Buraq – The Beloved of Allah SWT sitting in front the Shaykh sitting behind he SAW – and have travelled many places through the spiritual realm. This Bond between the Shaykh & The Beloved SAW is similar of one to a Shaykh and a Mureed. This deep love is something that will continue to grow and help the masses which may be initiated to the Owaisi Link.

Over the years Shaykh Banaras Owaisi has been ordered to go into many more seclusions and meditations where he was blessed with visions after visions and was rewarded with gifts.  The visions are referred to as Muraqaba (which of many can be seen and read about on this site).

The Shaykhs personal comments and sayings:

The Shaykhs life was transformed and didn’t realize that the deep sense of love of the Beloved SAW would take his life to stages beyond what he thought was possible for him.

“I am trying to do as much as I can so – perhaps / InshAllah – Allah SWT gets pleased with me”

‘I am nothing’ & ‘I don’t know what Allah SWT & The Beloved SAW have seen in me’.

The Shaykh further comments and says:

“I have no Ilm – knowledge (via books etc) – as all the knowledge I have is given to me and is not my own (hidden-transmitted).”

It is not a necessity to have Ilm (from books) to be loved by Allah SWT. The Beloved SAW was give The Holy Qur’an but he himself was an embodiment of the The Holy Qur’an. The Ilm of the Beloved SAW was hidden and instilled within him.

Similarly this was the case of Shaykh Banaras Owaisi. A soul which carries truth and holds on to it (unaware) even though apparent laws state it is almost impossible is a miracle itself.  Allah SWT and Nabi Muhammad SAW ordained that Islam is to be within him, deep within his heart and emotions so it would act as a sign for generations to come.

“I am nothing – the Karamats are from Allah SWT through the Waseela and love of the Beloved SAW”

“I am a Shohada (Martyr)”

The Shaykh also refers to himself on many occasions as a ‘Martyr’ which was a title given to him by the Beloved SAW. The following explains his title:

“One instance I was in Pakistan and I attended a gathering late in the evening and there was food presented before everyone after the event. I had not eaten all day and I wished to eat. Although when I ate something my stomach began to hurt and I realized I had not asked permission to eat. I then asked Allah SWT if I was able to eat however the response was ‘No’ although I thought to myself that it would look bad if I turned away food from a gathering but Allah SWT knows best. I then went back home after the gathering and was still unable to eat as Allah SWT did not permit me to”.

That is one of many examples to why the term ‘Martyr’ has been given to Shaykh Banaras Owaisi, not for Ilm (knowledge), but for the continuous connection, submission & trust in Allah SWT.


Allah SWT & The Beloved SAW know best to why the Shaykh was selected for such blessings and with such gifts although we (the mureeds and some non-mureeds alike) are awaiting the outcome of the coming of the Shaykh and this Owaisi Silsila.

Shaykh Banaras Owaisi is a gift to the Ummah from Rehmat-Ul-Alimeen (the Mercy to the Worlds) Muhammad SAW to modern generation. Curing those who are ill – mentally, physically, spiritually with the aid of Allah SWT and Muhammad SAW. The Shaykh is Guiding & relating to those facing hardship, trials and tribulations. Sheltering those from harm & acting as a grandfather, father, uncle and brother figure to those needing it.

He is able to relate to every situation, try to help all who seek his assistance because of the Sunnah of the Beloved SAW. The Shaykh is a Lover of the Holy Qur’an, The Sunnah, The Ahle-Bait, The Lover of the Khalifa-Rashideen & the Lover of Allah SWT.

This is also the way that the Shaykh has also come about through necessity at a time which Allah SWT thought best and at a time where his works are most in need.

Mureeds had seen him years before as Allah SWT told people of the coming of Ahmad SAW to the previous generations and the world waited in anticipation – similarly Allah SWT placed a space for the Shaykh at the correct time to heal, help & guide those who are previously in his need.

He is the point to which the Mercy of Allah SWT – The Beloved SAW has come from.